What is Gaming Wall Art?

Gaming Wall Art went into business as a simple Gaming Decoration company, but it has become one of the largest players in the wall-decor sector in a very short period of time! The company was established in December 2017 in Tallinn city of Estonia. In a very short period of time like 1 year, we have achieved to create an incredible community consisted of amazing and creative minded individuals.

We are not an art factory. At GWA, our work isn’t to produce some soulless decorative objects.

We create.

We believe that geography, budget and time differences should not prevent us enjoying modern designs. Our fast and reliable shipping service, covering all of the 186 countries, delivers your orders at your address. Our catalogue includes products from different price range that may fit to your budget and personal style, so that you may create a personalized look appealing to you. By adopting the fundamental principles of design, namely “form follows function”, our aesthetic and user-friendly website helps you find what you are looking for within a reasonable timeframe.


Game Wall Art is a Elfshire project from Estonia
Elfshire Technology O.U.
Harju, Kesklinna, Kiriku 6, 74626 Tallinn Estonia
TAX ID: 14572094
+372 660 16 48